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Zainteresowani zakupem hoteli w Polsce i współpracą inwestycyjną


Wydział Promocji Handlu i Inwestycji Ambasady RP w Nowym Delhi informuje, że indyjskie przedsiębiorstwo Solomon Group Asia wyraziło zainteresowanie nawiązaniem kontaktów inwestycyjnych z firmą z Polski. Solomon Group Asiaposzukuje możliwości zakupu hoteli, a także otwarcia przedstawicielstwa firmy w Polsce. Więcej informacji o firmie oraz propozycji współpracy w poniższym e-mailu.

Podmioty zainteresowane współpracą prosimy o bezpośredni kontakt z:

Osoba:               Rajendra Trakru (Global CEO)

Nazwa firmy:     Solomon Group Asia

Adres:                513,514, 5th Floor Jaina Tower-1 Janakpuri District Centre New Delhi - 110058

Tel.:                    +91 11 415 89 168

Tel. kom.:          +91 99 998 87 454

Fax:                   +91 11 255 72 408

E-mail:               raj@solomongroup.asia


W przypadku zaistnienia trudności o charakterze komunikacyjnym oraz w przypadku pytań prosimy o kontakt z WPHI w Nowym Delhi (newdelhi@trade.gov.pl).


Z wyrazami szacunku,


Karol Pęczak


Kierownik Wydziału Promocji Handlu i Inwestycji

Ambasada RP w Nowym Delhi

50M Shantipath, Chanakyapuri

110021 New Delhi, Indie

Tel. +91-11-41496959




From:Raj Trakru [mailto:raj@solomongroup.asia]
Sent: Friday, August 04, 2017 5:19 PM
To: Karol Pęczak, WPHI w Nowym Delhi
Cc: peczak@trade.gov.pl


Dear Mr. Karol,


It gives me an immense pleasure to thank you for the quality time which you shared with us on our meeting with you in your office.

As discussed and stated that "Solomon Technologies Limited” a public limited company with other peripheries of business, Like Hospitality, technologies, Modernization of several Defense projects and others.




We represent a Investors Group from US, which are into the business of investments and acquisition of Hotels in the European sector. We mainly purchase Hotels with one, Two three star Category and sometime we even buy four car properties too. 


Our main frame off business involves looking for the feasibility of business and transformation of assets with some value addition, which further could be given to other companies or may even be run by us as operators.


Poland being one of the most promising destination, So we are planning Hotels with SPA facilities and other features but mainly in the areas of business developments of industrial developments areas or in the areas where Government provide some kind of facilities or benefits to the investors.


  1. We are trying to get more information from ministry of tourism for there priority.
  2. Publishing the requirement with the association or the Chambers of the Respective Industry.
  3. Getting information from other agencies for availability of Hotels for Sale.
  4. Formalities/ Government policies for Such Acquisition.
  5. Other information, which you may like to share.


Secondly, We are planning to set up a company in POLAND, I would like to know as Follows.

  1. Do we get get any benefit in subject to areas ( Selecting Cities)
  2. What documentation are required to register a company in Poland.
  3. Do the Operators/ Promoters can apply for Immigration status in the country.
  4. Can you support us the details to provide the name of the companies who could support us to register our company in POLAND.
  5. Can we legally open an Bank account in POLAND, SAVING BANK/ CURRENT ACCOUNT.
  6. What are different categories of Companies which can registered in the territory of Poland.


We gain thank you for your cooperation and time and thus look forward to your valuable reply,





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